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Lagging behind on VFX and Post Production chores, due to Corona Virus Pandemic ?

COVID-19 VFX outsourcing

It's not been an easy way out during these times of pandemonium caused by the Corona pandemic. Latency in deliverables, unavailability of resources or any VFX company, resorting to budget friendly decisions and so forth have deranged your schedules and ultimately dampened your market value.


Massive VFX has been sensitive to these setbacks and has stepped up to assist with our VFX outsource service, 24/7. Our team of VFX artistes have committed themselves to Work from Home to cope up and help revive your projects to race up to speed. The onus is on us to deliver VFX of top notch quality at the committed time. Our team has been clocking in extra hours to overcome every possible lapses.


 Every artiste has accomplished a fine degree of expertise to be able to handle and deliver added workload by the agreed timeline. A pragmatic approach in our conduct of work helps us bag mounds of time. Our savvy artistes have been able to formulate and coordinate on projects that have helped us stay ahead especially at times of crisis.


We appreciate your time spent with us and would like to optimize it further. We've listed below the primary services we render so you could hand-pick the desired ones. Our VFX artiste ensemble is proficient in services like:


 • Rotoscopy - Rotoscopy goes by the definition of cutting the object or character of interest to either remove the background or place in a new background.


 • Prep/paint - Prep/paint is a useful tool used remove the undesired object from the footage like wires and cables and other objects used that hinders the final output.


 • Matchmove - A Matchmove is typically  done to place a 3D object or character in the real world. Matchmove requires replicating the motion of a live action camera with a 3D camera.


 • Rotomation - Rotomation is applied to match the motion of a real life character with a 3D model for every frame to create the 3D object, on or over the real life character.


Massive VFX would love to tend to your VFX requirements. Our team bows down to avenge the economic wrath caused by the detrimental COVID-19, thus, we encourage you to not lay back on your post production chores. Let's support our media family during these tumultuous times.

 The 'special effects guys' are a click away. Do feel free to contact us.

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